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My apologies for the lack of updates this year, but I have been hard at work!

My set of illustrations for The Death of Cock Robin is finally complete, as is the design for the book that will bind them together, and I am very excited to say that it will be printed this week! After 2 years of research and development, the finished book will materialise as a very limited print run of only 25 copies. That's a very small number, but I couldn't settle for a product that wouldn't do justice to the thought and emotion I have invested in the project, and I wanted the book to be as high quality and 'special' as I could reasonably afford to make it. This has meant that for the moment my funds can only cover the cost of 25 copies, but if I can sell those and there is enough interest then I hope I might be able to crowdfund a larger production in future.

Once I have the copies in hand I will add full details and purchase information on the site and social media, I can't yet confirm the price they will sell for though it will be as reasonable as possible, this was always about sharing the story and the images rather making a lot of money.

I am delighted to say that my Rook picture, from the Cock Robin sequence, was awarded 1st prize in the Shropshire Open Art Competition 2018! I was absolutely gabberflasted to receive such an honour, and was so happy that people responded so well to the work. The Rook and the Robin from the series are both currently on show in Gallery3 at the Gateway centre in Shrewsbury, along with the myriad of interesting entries to this years competition. It is a gallery at which I am considering exhibiting the full set of Cock Robin paintings at some point after I've finished at Aber. TTFN

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Hello! I am sorry that I have not posted any updates since May, it has been a very busy and stressful time, and unfortunately despite my efforts I have had to postpone the completion of my MA and the printing of my Cock Robin book, until May 2019.

The illustrations have been taking so much time and energy to get right, I simply was not capable of completing them all in time for exhibition this month, especially not alongside the myriad less creative concerns that have sapped away at my time. The good news is that this should allow me enough time to make the final product as good as I possibly can, and much closer to my vision than it would have been had I rushed it for the prior deadline.

I will be posting some updates in the coming days, updating this website with a new dedicated Cock Robin page, and I am thinking about putting out more regular in depth blog posts about my experiences as an artist and the wide variety of ideas and influences that I draw upon in my work. It may well be utterly uninteresting, but I think I would get a lot out of writing some things out! I have not decided whether it will be part of my scrobb website or could be it's own, disassociated and more mysterious platform.

Thanks, Joseph

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