MA Degree Show No.1, May 2018

It's been a busy few months since I last updated the blog, but it has been time well spent. I have finished the first set of 9 paintings from the Cock Robin series, and exhibited them last month at Aberystwyth School of Art for the first of my two Masters exhibitions. Work on these illustrations has been exhausting, enthralling, frustrating, challenging, and immensely fulfilling. This project has become an all encompassing journey, and several of the paintings have been the most difficult pieces I've ever completed.

I received a lot of really positive and engaging feedback at the exhibition, and I am really proud of the outcome; the consistency of the images, the advancement of my technique and abilities, and the weight of emotion I feel that I have poured into them. It was really exciting to get them framed and hung neatly on the gallery wall.

I now have the daunting task ahead of me of completing the final 6 pieces, and designing and printing the book itself for the second exhibition in September. Details to be confirmed.

I will upload a gallery of several of the paintings from the first set, though I shan't be putting all of them online, as I'd like to preserve the experience of seeing them in the book or on the wall!

Thanks for reading!