Scrobb of Scrobbesbyrigscīr


I am Joseph Scrobb; artist, illustrator, poet, story teller and native of Scrobbesbyrigscīr. It was in the landscape of Shropshire that I discovered the expressive power of mythology and faith, as evidenced in local and national folklore; obscure rituals, superstitions, fairy tales, and genius loci. My practice in it's broadest sense is an ongoing engagement with, exploration and re-interpretation of these tattered threads of ancient culture and narrative; expressing them through symbolism that I relate to my own experiences of mental illness, anxiety and an outsider's experience of society. These traces of old custom and belief offer tantalising clues to a strange and wonderous past, in which the landscape was an enchanted and haunted place, and gave birth to expressions of human imagination and creativity. This enchantment has not been lost, as veiled as it may now seem, it has simply lain latent beneath the crooked hills, under the boughs of knotted forests, and submerged in mysterious pools of unfathomed depth.


I am currently based in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, where I am a Fine Art Masters student at the University. I am currently specialising in book illustration, an art form I am intensely passionate about, but my practice also extends to and encompasses poetry, performance, prose, craft-work and ritual. 

Solve et coagula

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