WILD NOCTURNES: Lore, Land and Otherworlds

'WILD NOCTURNES: Lore, Land and Otherworlds', an exhibition at The Hive in Shrewsbury from 1st to 29th April.

The show will feature artwork based upon British myth and folklore, that of Shropshire in particular, and will include paintings, illustration, pokerwork, dolls and other artefacts. The work is deeply personal and I hope shines a new kind of light on these old stories, expressive of my own relationship with the 'otherness' of autism and mental illness, and how these find an outlet in the process of story telling and art making.

There will be a private view on the 1st at 6pm, followed by 'Unearthing Giants' from 6:30 - 7:30pm; a session of story-telling and discussion on the topic of Shropshire Giants with a chance to hear much more of the tales behind the work in the exhibition. There will be a limit on how many can attend this event so I will get back to you on the matter of tickets.

"Tree-tops mutter, branches stutter,

and beneath it all a trembling groan,

as of a voice discerned

within the aching stone,

and if you learn to listen well to this wild nocturne,

you will hear the Giants speak..."