Shropshire Folk-lore



Myth, Magic, Gods and Monsters


I was born in the county of Shropshire, and in adult life I discovered the wealth of folk-lore and archaic myth that inhabit it's hills, forests and waterways. Traces of forgotten gods, hints at lost heathen religion, murmurings of supernatural forces and the ghosts of folk long past; these wonders are not born of epic prose or renowned icons of culture; but from the experience of the local landscape and the remnants of human thought and feeling that have left their distinct mark upon it for generations uncounted. 

British Folk-lore

In addition to my interest in the folk-lore of my native county, I am engaged in exploring themes and motifs found within such traditions throughout the British Isles, where thousands of years of changing culture; the appropriation and amalgamation of ancient ideas from successive occupiers and religions, have left us with a myriad of strange, mysterious and wonderful traditions, many of which are in danger of being lost and rendered obsolete in modern society. I am very passionate about representing and renewing this rich heritage that is, in it's very patch-work nature, distinctly British.

Solve et coagula

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