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September 7, 2018

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June 6, 2019

At last, my book The Death of Cock Robin, the culmination of my Masters Degree and almost two years of work and research, is now available to purchase!

The limited-edition volume includes the original text of the old English Nursery Rhyme ‘The Death of Cock Robin’ with my own additional verses, accompanied by a series of 15 watercolour and gouache illustrations depicting the animals in the story (reproduced at life size). To expand upon the illustrated story...

April 21, 2017

Arising from the plain; a hill, 
its like unknown, it’s age undreamed.
It trembled once upon a time, 
So once it was believed. 

There I did wander restless,
Upon it’s slopes I took to climb
It’s sylvan hide,
flesh of lime;
now drowning in the depths of time.
And whose words there echoed on the wind?
Were they his?
Could they be mine?
I saw them scattered on the peak, 
I saw them splinter, 
Saw them shine.
Such words a poet hopes to speak,
Borne biting on the...

March 19, 2017

"At a springe-wel, under a thorn 
There was a bote of bale, a litel hire a-forn, 
There beside stant a maide, full of love ibounde, 
Whoso wol seche trewe love, in hir it shall be founde"

- Anonymous middle English verse, 14th Century

Spring Tide - "At a sprynge wel under a thorn...

Based on English folk-lore and a particular bit of 14th century verse/poetry. Though no melody is recorded with the original text, I've found it very pleasant to sing aloud to a...

March 6, 2017

When the Sun lay in the earth,
I set my heart there deep beside,
that the sinking of a sacred light
portended doom should swift betide;
and so it fell, and filled that space
within my chest; and all inside
was drowned by dread it seemed;
to think my heart must now abide
in earthen tomb, yet still to hope;
for neither heart nor sun have died,
and though I might not make it so;
to see a dawn at least, I tried.

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